About Us

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who's FABUILOUS of Them All


First and foremost, I want to thank YOU for stopping here and checking out what my team and I have to offer here in the DMV area!

As a young, Vietnamese, female entrepreneur, I had no idea what the heck I was getting into. If I wanted to call something my own I had better make it GOOD and I'd better have all the logistics down to a T for Mom and Dad. =) I knew the least that I needed to bring unique services to the market, yet be passionate about, and love what I do for the long run. My brother is my biggest inspiration that made this happen for me. So my boyfriend and I took a five-hour trip to and from Maryland to see if this was destined for me.... So here it is!

Meet DMV's Beauty Mirror Photobooth!

Fabuilous Fotos started up in May 2019 and since it has launched, we've left no event unsatisfied. The mirror booth is not any average camera with instant printing. It stands 69" high, 38" wide, and its mesmerizing LED ring surrounding the 32" mirror display -- It will draw all of your guests attention. The team brings elite services to the table with custom template designs and personalizing animations for your venue. The Mirrorbooth has endless features like instant sharing options like e-mail and MMS, GIF and video saving from photos, beauty filter, and even on screen games and apps! 

And Template Design Services!

Not only does our in-house Graphic Designer create stunning templates from scratch for us, he can replicate that WOW effect for your clients as well! Your thoughts and ideas will be brought to life and sketched to your satisfaction - No matter the color, theme, caption, YOU NAME IT! Head on over to our Template Gallery to check out some of his very own creations!

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